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Managed Security Services

Symantec Managed Security Services and DeepSight Intelligence provide enterprises around the globe with 24 x 7 visibility into global emerging threat data and local security incidents.

With four global Security Operations Centers, and eleven Threat Detection Centers, expert Symantec security personnel correlate local security incidents with the emerging threat data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to identify and prevent threats before they impact business. High priority events including threat alerts and incident escalations are customized based on customer infrastructure and defined security policy, ensuring that preventative or corrective action can be taken.

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DeepSight™ Intelligence Portal Overview

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DeepSight™ Intelligence Portal provides actionable intelligence covering the complete threat lifecycle, from initial vulnerability to active attack. With personalized notification triggers and expert analysis, the system enables enterprises to prioritize IT resources in order to better protect critical information assets against a potential attack. Patches, countermeasures, workarounds, and additional references are also provided, reducing the hours spent searching through Web sites and emails. Optional custom reports provide the ability to trend data by time, country, industry, IP address, target ports, and other parameters. Powered by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, the service is an authoritative source of tailored information about known and emerging vulnerabilities, threats, risks and global attack activity.

DeepSight™ Datafeeds

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DeepSight™ Intelligence Datafeeds use that same intelligence to provide you with raw data via web services for consumption into your ticketing, incident management, compliance or other utilities. These Datafeeds include Application, Operating System, and Hardware Vulnerabilities, Malicious Code and Security Risks, IP Address Reputation and Hostility, and Domain and URL Reputation, Categorization and Hostility. This service allows you to leverage the power of Symantec's Global Intelligence Network in the utilities that you use every day.

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